Frequently Asked Questions

Can we just reproof a rug? The NikWax reproofing product is an in-wash product and therefore we have to wash the rug to make the reproofer effective.
Do we want old rugs for repair materials? No, sorry, we like to put new clips and buckles and material on all our repairs so that we know they are good and waterproof!
Can we repair a rug without washing it? We only repair clean rugs. If you have washed it yourself this is fine, it's just our sewing machine hates mud!
Do we tumble dry our turnout rugs? No, never!
Do we line dry our rugs? Wherever possible, but we also have a heated drying rail just in case and also to help finish off the Heavy Weights!
Do we do yard collections? Yes we do, and we make sure the person organising it gets a discount off their rug service.
How do you book a rug collection? Please call us or fill in the contact form below with your details.
How do our drop-off agents work? Simply bundle up your rugs and take it to your local drop off agent, where they will fill in a booking form. Payment is made to our drop off agents on collection. All drop-off agents have booking forms.
How do yard collections pay for the service? We offer flexible payment options - either we can collect cash when we returned the rugs or payments can be made by Paypal or BACS. We provide payment details on our receipts.
About Pricing Dapper Dobbins endeavours to supply and charge as advertised or displayed but reserves the right to change pricing.
Our Standards Dapper Dobbins strives to ensure the highest standards and best possible results. However work undertaken remains at the customer's risk.
About our Service Uncollected items will be subject to a storage charge and may ultimately be disposed of.
Dapper Dobbins will not accept liability for missing or damaged items left at unoccupied pre-authorised pick-up points.
Repair service is only undertaken on clean items.
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